Tap aerator Neoperl CACHE TJ M18,5x1 5.7 l/min
Tap aerator Neoperl CACHE TJ M18,5x1 5.7 l/min -
Tap aerator Neoperl CACHE TJ M18,5x1 5.7 l/min -

Tap aerator Neoperl CACHE TJ M18,5x1 5.7 l/min

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  • thread CACHE M18,5x1
  • no brass housing, entire aerator fits inside the tap
  • saves up to 43% water maintaining comfort of usage
  • maximum flow rate 5.7 l/min even at high water pressure
  • aerated stream
  • high resistance to scaling
  • product entirely made of lightweight plastic; ensures resistance to rust
  • highest quality

Male thread - CACHE TJ M18,5x1

The thread is on the outside of the aerator and is 18.5 mm in diameter

Fits faucets with the aerator completely hidden in the tap (often used in Ikea, Grohe, Kludi faucets)

Before purchase make sure exactly what thread do you need - measure the diameter at the widest point. CACHE aerators are available in 4 sizes:

  • 16.5 mm in diameter
  • 18.5 mm in diameter
  • 21.5 mm in diameter
  • 24 mm in diameter

10 liters of water per minute

The usual aerator consumes that much water.

5.7 liters of water per minute

You will get such a low consumption after installing the Neoperl aerator.

How does it work?

This aerator reduces the water flow and aerates the stream at the same time. Thanks to this, you consume less water while the comfort of usage stays the same. The stream is soft to the touch and does not splash.

Ideal for kitchen faucets

Flow rate of 5.7 liters per minute is ideal for the kitchen. This flow rate ensures comfort when doing the washing-up or when filling up the dishes with tap water, and generates significant savings at the same time.

How much can I save?

Our clients claim, that after installation our water saving products in showers, kitchen and bathroom faucets, water consumption drops by 30% - 60%. For a 4 member family considering the average water prices, it is about

190 - 380 £ annually!

How is it possible? You pay less for cold water, its heating and sewage disposal. That is triple the savings on each liter of water!

Eco-friendly solution

By buying this ecological product you help to protect the environment. You support the conscious and economical management of natural resources. Installation of eco-friendly devices and prevention of wasting water is a good step towards nature protection.

You are buying an original Neoperl product

Neoperl is a German company known for its quality. Neoperl products are manufactured in Europe and undergo rigorous quality tests. The company has existed since 1959.

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