About us

Who we are

Savinga aims at popularizing effective water-saving solutions that will work for every household, but also for hotels, hostels, gyms, workplaces and all facilities where you plan to reduce water consumption and cut bills. We have already been helping individual and business clients choose the best water-saving products for over ten years.


Our company was set up out of our passion for ecology and our willingness to popularize solutions which are beneficial for both our users and the environment. Too few people are still aware of the existence of water-saving solutions, which – despite being small in size – have a huge impact on the reduction of water consumption. Our experience shows that by implementing little changes we are easily able to reduce water consumption in every household by half. Our mission is to popularize this knowledge and to ensure our clients access to the most effective eco-friendly devices. We believe that economical, responsible use of natural resources is not only a challenge, but also a thing to be proud of.

Our story

Our story began in 2007, at which point we – back then under the name „Energooszczędność” – started to offer water-saving products to holiday resorts in Poland. Just a short time later we opened an online store and launched retail sales. Our products took on abroad, too, and since 2015 we have been selling them to countries all over Europe – under our new brand name „Savinga”. Our devices have been installed in thousands of facilities all around the world: hotels, hostels, camp sites, passenger ships, gyms, manufacturing plants, offices, restaurants, hospitals and penitentiaries.